College Tables

This has info on several thousand colleges and universities in the US. To filter for individual schools, start typing any part of the school’s name in the institution box. After clicking one, you can keep typing and add more to the list. Below the table are more filtering options.

You can search to filter by various columns: only show ones in certain states (two letter abbreviation), certain athletic leagues, by college name, etc. To search for phrases, put them in quotes. Click on buttons to show different tables of information (and info in one table will be used to filter the other ones). Go to the about page for more about the sources of the data. Click on a school name to get a page with much more detail about that school. To look at info by field, go to the fields page.

Since much of the data come from the US federal government, this website includes only US-based schools. The rest of the planet has excellent institutions which may be a better placement for some.